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 Getting started

  Running the app for the First time ( on your Android device )

  1. download the app from the Android market
  2. run the app on your Android device
  3. press menu and select more
  4. select set new connection
  5. press on the text area to bring the soft keyboard up ( in case that you need it )
  6. enter a name for this connection ( etc. Home, Work) and press OK
  7. enter a password ( and write it down you'll need to set the same password on your computer, and press OK
  8. set your PC ip address ( in case that your logging from outside of your local network and behind a router please see Router Settings ) ,to find your PC ip address: open the pc client software or the mac client software you can see your computer ip address at the center of the window simply type this ip address for the new connection.
    if from some reason you can not see your ip address in the client software window you can follow these steps : right click on the network icon located near to your clock in your tray, right click on it, select open network and sharing center, on the left side panel choose change adapter setting ( will bring up your network connection window )  right click on the connection that you are about to connect through, select status and press on details, your PC ip address is the one under IPv4 address, enter this ip address with the dots to the opened dialog in your Android device, and press OK.
  9. at this point you should see the connection that you created on your screen, select it.
  10. press menu, here you have three options to choose from, you can launch the Mouse Pad, the Remote Viewer or the Media player, pressing on one of them will connect you to your PC or Mac
    ( Note : you need to setup your PC before you selecting either one see running the PC software below )

  Running the PC client software for the First time (PC side)

  1. first download the PC client software Download Page ( download the client software that match to your operating system )
  2. install the client software on your computer
  3. once the installation is done, double click on ControlMyPc icon from your desktop ( for mac users from your applications folder )
  4. allow access to the client software to use your network connection
  5. at this point you should see ControlMyPc icon near to your clock in your tray
  6. right click on it to bring the pop up  menu up or left click to bring the window up, bring the window up ( for mac users double click to bring the window up single click for popup menu )
  7. at the top of the window select settings >> password and enter the same password as you set on your Android device ( case sensitive ) when you done press "set it".
    ( the password field is visible only when you enter the password and will NOT be shown again, once you press set it the password will get encrypted and won't be readable by any program or by any users, if  you wish to change it or in case that you forgot the password, a new password needs to be created, for security reasons )
  8. you can Minimize the window to the tray ( Recommended ), the software stays on and you can open the main window at any time from your tray
  9. you can change the background of the window from : settings >> skin

You are ready to go ( now you can login from your android device choosing from the available features

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Using ControlMyPc

Remote Viewer
   Once you select a connection that you wish to connect to, press menu and select remote viewer.

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    Downloading files to your Device
To download files first connect to your PC via the Remote Viewer

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    Uploading files from your device
To upload files first connect to your PC via the Remote Viewer

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 Mouse Pad
once you selected the connection that you wish to connect to, press menu and select Launch Mouse Pad ( the mouse pad is designed to give you the flexibility to control your PC without your mouse and keyboard while you can see your screen. such use can be when you are sitting in your living room and the computer is located in your bedroom and connected to your living room TV, this feature gives you easy wireless access, with full control )

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  Media Player

    Setting the media player ( on your pc )
      At the moment ControlMyPc support windows media player, Winamp and iTunes and DivX.

  • create a shortcut (if you do not have one) to one or more of your favorite player on your desktop
  • right click on this shortcut will bring up a popup menu from this menu select "properties"
  • under the "shortcut" tab locate the field with the title "shortcut key" usually set to "None"
  • press on this field to create a shortcut key
  • press control ("Ctrl") Alt and the following key according to the player
    for media player press  "m"
    for Winamp press  "a"
    for iTunes press  "i"
    for DivX press "d"
    (for example to set a shortcut key for windows media player press - Ctrl Alt m)
  • at this point this field will show the shortcut key that you just entered
  • press apply in the bottom of this window and press ok to close this window
  • you might want to set some music or movies in a list so you'll be able to easy navigate with the media remote

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Setting the media remote (on your Android device)

  • press menu and select more
  • scroll down and select "choose player for Media Remote"
  • select the player that you wish to control
  • now press menu again and you can see the player that you selected (the default is windows media player)
  • selecting your favorite remote will connect to your pc and bring up the player that you just set up
  • the player works in landscape mode only even if you are in portrait mode ( design considerations )
  • the icon on the bottom left will give the focus to the player if this lost the focus
  • m1 and m2 in the bottom right for mode changing
  • full screen icon on the top left to go full screen ( works on these players in particulars situations ( e.g. watching a movie or visualization ) )
  • next to it you'll find arrows right and left for navigation within the player
  • to change the background for the Media Remote press menu select more scroll down and select choose background for media remote

    (Note : not all the buttons works the same on all the players as these players support different features, experience the remote control, any advices are most welcome)

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Changing Media Remote skin and Background
To change skin and background you need to be disconnected

  • Press menu and select more
  • Select "choose skin for Media Remote"
  • At the moment there are to skins colored glossy and black and silver
    choose the one that you prefer
  • To choose a background : press menu and select more
  • Select "choose background for Media Remote"
  • There are several background to choose from, select the one that you like

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  Checking connection ip and Deleting connection

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Connecting using an email address
If you haven't registered yet. You can register from your device, Start ControlMyPc and press menu on your device, select "Login", scroll the buttons and click on Register New account, use this login info to login from ControlMyPc on your computer.
* If you find it hard to register, please contact

  Login for the first time - on your computer
    Press on the key button locate on the bottom right side, a window will be opened letting you enter your user name and password, enter your user name and password (password is case sensitive).
  You can check the checkbox to remember your login info.
  You can also check the auto login (recommended), if your computer got disconnected from any reason it will attempt to connect back to the server till it succeed, another scenario is when you start the client software your computer will connect automatically, saving you time.

  Setting your router
    Setting your router is a one time setup, once your router is set no further settings will need to be done, on any side computer-device, so you won't need to set the ports on your computer-device, or track your internet ip address (most internet ip addresses are not static and change from time to time- this won't be your problem any more).
  To set your router :
- Login to your router from any web browser, locate and select port forwarding
(might be under advanced or firewall settings)
- The connection type is TCP
- Forward the ports to your computer, you can find your computer ip address on the main window of the client software
- Forward a range : starting 4000 end 4500
* ControlMyPc will find any available port between this range on your computer -device to connect you.
- Save your new settings and close the window ( it recommended to restart ControlMyPc too after setting your router for the first time )

 Login for the first time - on your Android device
    From the main screen (also called choose connection screen) press menu and select Login, here you can enter your user name and password (case is sensitive), you can check the checkbox to keep your login information.
Once you done click on the connect button, this will connect you to the server, you will receive a list of computers connected under your account, simply click on the computer that you wish to connect to, a connection will be established between your computer and your device, at this point your device will communicate straight with your computer, no relays, this ensures the best connection.

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Setting ControlMyPc and more

   It is recommended to use the default ports ( you can return to the default settings at any time by setting it to zero "0" ), in case you wish to change these settings please read this :

  1. You must be disconnected to change this feature
  2. On your PC bring the window up and select settings
  3. Enter a number between 2000-60000 in the place provided ( write these numbers down ) ( you'll need to provide both port number for the display and the mouse, to keep one of them on the default port number you can use zero "0" )
  4. You must select a different port number for the Display and the Mouse
  5. Press "Set It", and restart the application
  6. On your Android device launch the app ( if it's not up yet )
  7. From the connections list, long press will bring a menu for this connection
  8. Click on edit
  9. Click on edit ports
  10. First you'll be asked to enter the port number for the display enter the same as you set on your PC , once you done press ok
  11. Next you'll be asked to enter the port number for the mouse enter the same as you set on your PC , once you done press ok
  12. test your connection

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  Quality Over Speed
   At some places or with some devices you might have a slow connection, in terms  to gain speed we added a feature that let you decrease the picture quality but gain speed, to do so :

  1. you must be disconnected to change this feature
  2. on your Android device press menu and select more
  3. Select "Set quality over speed"
  4. scroll to the desired quality ( in most cases it's not recommended to go below middle)
  5. select the connection that you wish to connect to and test the result if it's not what you expected you can change it again till you'll be satisfied
  6. you can always return to default by entering zero "0"

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  • right and left clicks are always available to you through the volume buttons,
    let say that you want to drag an item while you are in remote viewer mode,
    click on the item that you want to drag ( on your device screen ) ( might be a window in this case click on the frame of the window)  press volume up and keep it pressed, press on your device screen on the new location that you would like to drag your item to.
  • if you want to press right click on an item click on the item that you want to bring the pop up menu up on, and press volume down this will bring up the pop up menu ( properties menu )
  • use the shift on your android for capital latter or special characters, keeping the shift down on your android device will type in capital letters
  • if for example you would like to play through your device a game that is located on your PC, to increase the speed you can decrease your desktop resolution,
    also decreasing the quality over speed on your android device will increase the speed too.
  • while using the mouse pad, you can set the sensitivity to be very low, in this case the precision is high and if you need to travel from side to side on your screen you can press on the edge of your screen which will keep your mouse cursor move to this direction
  • if you are viewing  a webpage you can zoom in/out by pressing right and left on your Dpad or trackball
  • more tips will be added keep your self informed
  • any questions, help or just something that you would like to let us know contact our support team, we are happy to help.

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  How to set my router
   to set your router to let ControlMyPc permission to connect from outside of your local network read this :

  1. to find your router ip address if it's not known to you follow this : right click on the network icon located near to your clock in your tray, right click on it, select open network and sharing center, on the left side panel choose change adapter setting ( will bring up your network connection window )  right click on the connection that you are about to connect through, select status and press on details, your router address in under ipv4 default gateway
  2. open a web browser enter the router address in the address bar and press enter, log in to your router
  3. under port triggering enter the ports that you set for your connection, you must enter the display and the mouse ports for it to work well triggering these ports to your pc local ip address ( tip : after changing the ports on your device test the connection on your local network first)
  4. under port forwarding enter the same ports number and forward incoming connection to your PC ip address
  5. press save ( or apply depends on your router ) ( you might need to restart your router if you need to do so go a head and do it )
  6. almost done, in your router web page, select status and write down the external ip address that your internet provider provides to you, ( make sure that you are taking the right ip address, it can not start with 192.168 and it's not the dns address )
  7. set this ip address as a new connection in your Android device

You are ready to go !

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  if you find it hard to set the port triggering you can also use a DMZ which is much easier to achieve

  1. log in to your router ( you can find more help in the above instructions step 1 and 2 )
  2. under security or games ( in most cases but you might find it in a different page
    like firewall or ports forwarding )
  3. locate and select DMZ , set your PC ip address at the space provided to you to give to your computer a DMZ
  4. once you set the DMZ press apply you will be asked to reboot your router go a head and reboot it
  5. at this point your router has been restarted and you need to log in again, log in
  6. continue from step 6 from the above instructions

for any issues regarding to setting your router please email us and we'll do the best to solve it for you.

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for any other question things that you would like to know better please contact our support center at :

Sibling Inc.